Wednesday, February 12, 2014


 Last summer i was in a national tournament for youth soccer and it took us all summers worth of tournaments and practices. We worked twice a day and it obviously paid off  because we made it to the finals then lost in the finals. I feel we did very well. We had something to hold onto including our pride and the medal we got that stated 2nd in the nation.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why Alcohol Should be Legal at Age 18

 Drinking alcohol has been a problem for a lot of people for many years. Alcohol is legal in all other countries at age 18. Alcohol has been in the heritage to many people since the dawn of times. America is the only more developed country with a high drinking        age.

 The main reason it should be lowered is because someone that is 18 can be arrested or go join the army but you can't have a drink. Someone can die for their country and they can't have a drink.

 I also have another reason why the drinking age should be lowered. Kids will learn how to deal with alcohol at age 18 and they will know what to do in situations that they wouldn't have got into if they never drank. 18 is the age you turn into an adult but you can't drink.

 In my opinion the legal drinking age should be lowered and everybody will be happy. Drinking responsibly is something you need to learn and if the age is lowered the consequences are less.