Friday, January 10, 2014


   There is one thing in this world that I would not let anyone touch. This artifact would be my 2012-2013 season soccer cleats. These have a very special meaning to me because every time I look at them I get butterflies. When I first bought the cleats I thought they were too big but then after a week I felt like I was the best soccer player in the world. You might be asking why are they so meaningful to me I would answer that question with an "I don't know" but if you indulge me I will tell you the inspiring events which led me to love these cleats with a passion. I love these cleats so much because these cleats came with me on the journey of being inspired and inspiring others. I was playing in these cleats and wondered what i wanted to do then i thought to myself that i wanted to play soccer for all my life and after that moment I gave it 100% every day. So The real reason I love these cleats is because I was inspired in them.
                            - Arsham Kosari #15


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